About EJ

Who I am

Through my photography I seek to document my own personal experience, to capture the color and texture that surrounds us. Photos leave an indelible mark as to how we see the world. I strive to convey my deep emotional response to life and to capture the sublime in the ordinary image.

Some find it facile to express the beauty and diversity around us in words. Photography has afforded me an alternative means to convey my deep emotional response to life. The pinnacle of which is the ability to share it with others.

I am a resident of Chatham, NJ, and Vice President of the Sales & Marketing Division of Alliance Design, Inc., Totowa, NJ. I am a hands-on person who is involved creatively in the implementation and production of my client’s print, web and social media. At times this includes photo shoots and product styling.

A photographer since the age of 12, I evolved from film to digital in 2000. Earlier in my career I was assistant to the world–renowned photographer, Clemens Kalischer of Stockbridge, MA. During my tenure, I gained invaluable technical experience. My body of work includes Seascapes, abstracts from nature including food, landscapes, as well as finding the beauty in the urban landscapes of America.

Artist Statement

I have always considered the “mechanism of seeing” and the role of the printed image as it affects and challenges the way I view and experience my surroundings. My photos explore the boundaries between realism and abstraction, and seek to reveal the complex relationship between my printed image and others’ visual perceptions.

The subject of my work encompasses overlooked environments – things that are a bit familiar and possibly inhabited, but nonetheless imprinted with the detritus of human presence. I am drawn to show the fabric of life as it pervades the textural feel of my photographs, and I am certainly entranced by the beauty that surrounds us in nature. Some would say this dichotomy would not speak lyrically of my work, but to me it is the center of my vision. I love the fact that I can incorporate the realistic image seen through my lens, and use Photoshop to enhance it to abstraction.

As my vision and body of work evolves, I still find myself resonating to similar urban landscapes and the flora that surrounds me….ever vigilant to find beauty no matter the environment and to embrace my creative vision which compels me to put it into print.

Forest For The Trees

Forest For The Trees

My work is owned by individuals in the NJ/NY area & by corporations throughout NJ.

  • Arnold Kolax
  • Beyond Basic Learning
  • Cityside Archives
  • Gift Box Corporation
  • Heath Care Payers Coalition
  • JFK Medical Center Foundation
  • Lincoln Electric Products, Inc
  • Lioni Latticini, Inc.
  • Livingston Family Dentistry
  • Muhlenberg Foundation
  • NJ Carpenters Funds
  • Professional Audio Consultants
  • Raritan Bay Medical Center


Metuchen Art Works – February 2007

Raritan Bay Medical Center – Spring Art Show Co-Chair 2007/2008/2009/2010/2011/2012/2013/2014/2015

Visual Art Center of NJ – 2006/2007/2008/2009/2010/2011

Ringwood Manor – 2008

The Connection, Summit, NJ – 2008/2009/2010/2013

Summit Medical Group – “The Art of Relaxation” Fall 2011-2012, “Food For Thought” Spring 2012

Arts Council of the Morris Area – May-Sept 2012 –“disconnected”

Baron Arts CenterJuly-Sept 2012 – “in the good old summertime”

Bouras Properties, Summit, NJ2014 July-October group show

Summit Medical Group -“Neighborhoods” 2015 April – September


Visual Art Center of NJ – Members Show 2011- Martha Venturo Award for Landscape

Honoree of the Spring Art Show 2013, Raritan Bay Medical Center